CapFish is an International Marine Monitoring and Fisheries Consulting Group based in Cape Town, South Africa. We deploy and train marine observers for South African and global maritime activities. The Company works closely with our national marine management authorities as well as with Regional and International Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs). Our activities also include working directly with fishers, hydrocarbon exploitation (e.g. seismic surveys), Non Governmental Organisations such as WWF and Birdlife, and many other groups.

Our professional scientific staff undertake national and international fisheries consulting including assessments for Marine Stewardship Council certification. Our goal is to provide a professional service supporting both management and science to maintain the long-term sustainability of marine resources. We also place emphasis on empowerment and the transfer of skills to our employees.


CapMarine Profile (2017)

25 February 2015

CapFish has now restructured and has a new name Capricorn Marine Environmental (Pty) Ltd (CapMarine). The original company from which we developed our roots was Capricorn Fisheries Monitoring cc remains as CapFish and is a 40% shareholder in CapMarine. Our principle activities have not changed, CapMarine encompasses a broader agenda that includes fisheries consulting, impact assessments, marine observers (MMOs, FLOs, PAM and Fisheries observers)....


New Logo for Capricorn Marine Environmental (Pty) Ltd.

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