About Us

Our Vision

"we monitor and protect ocean resources"

Our Mission

“As a company, we contribute to an ecologically sustainable future for our oceans by providing environmental, scientific and technical services to the maritime sectors"

Our company

Capricorn Marine Environmental (Pty) Ltd (CapMarine) in collaboration with Capricorn Fisheries Monitoring (CapFish) cc. has developed high-level experience in the scientific, technical and practical aspects of observer deployment and fisheries consulting.  Our core skills and expertise lie in fisheries monitoring and developing accompanying database and information systems. Our proven and highly sought after track record has vastly expanded over the years and we now engage in a wide-range of national and international contracts. 

Our value chain is comprised of the three SCS pillars that enable us to realize our vision, namely; Sea, Capacity and Sustainability.

 Our three pillars that form our core competencies and are comprised of:

  1. Sea – We operationalize a variety of sea-going projects and directly gather environmental data through our observers. Our core competency centers around upskilling people to achieve marine conservation objectives. It is our mandate to uplift South Africans through the provision of training, skilled employment and advancement of opportunities.
  2. Capacity – We possess extensive technical and industry knowhow accumulated over decades of experience. Our expert team engages in observer training and coordination, data and spatial analyses, research and advisory work.
  3. Sustainability – Our unique concentration in the marine and fisheries field enables us to deliver unparalleled advisory services that empower our clients to practice strategy and sustainability.


Our Team

Director - Scientific Consultant
Director - Observer Coordinator
Fisheries Consultant
Financial Administrator
Fisheries Consultant
Scientific Consultant (CapFish Director)
Technical Consultant (CapFish Director)
Technical Consultant (CapFish Director)
Accounts (CA)
Data Capture and Frontline Reception