CapFish Domestic Deployments 2017

25 February 2015

The SADSTIA sponsored Observer programme continues to run smoothly in 2017, and observer deployments in the offshore hake trawl sector are currently underway. These deployments focus on the collection of detailed biological information primarily to support the MSC certification of the trawl industry.

Further we deploy on an ad hoc basis observers in the small pelagic sector (opening and closing of restricted areas) and West Coast Rock Lobster fisheries.

The Pelagic Tuna Longline season (2017) on joint venture vessels approaches and we anticipate 100% coverage of all foreign vessels licensed to fishing within the South African EEZ. Ad hoc deployments on local large pelagic (tuna and swordfish) continues with operators committed to the RFMO requirements of deploying observers on 5% of all trips. This programme is run collaboratively with the Tuna Association and in close collaboration with DAFF and Birdlife SA. We have also completed closed season monitoring of the squid jig fishery off the south east coast of South Africa.

Contact Willem or Victor in our office at 021-4252161 if you have queries with regard to these deployments.

SADSTIA Observer Deployments in the South African Trawl Sector