Hake Research: CapMarine - SADSTIA (Feb 2017)

25 February 2015

CapMarine has an active project with the South African Deep Sea Trawling Industry Association (SADSTIA). We deploy specially trained observers to collect scientific information on hake and trawl bycatch. Our aim is to support SADSTIA to address and maintain the MSC certification conditions. One of our projects specifically is aimed at separating the two hake species in commercial catches to verify and update the two-species splitting algorithm used in the assessment of Cape Hake stocks. CapMarine also collects detailed biological data on the hake trawl fishery providing inputs on behalf of SADSTIA into hake stock assessments.

CapMarine has also provided support to SADSTIA through the specialist spatial analysis provided by Sarah Wilkinson. Sarah conducts near-continuous spatial analysis of fisheries for the development of management areas and Marine Protected Areas. We are also currently working with Birdlife (SA) to train observers to monitor bird warp interactions on the hake trawlers (particularly on the South Coast working with the South East Coast Inshore Fishing Industry Assoc (SECIFA). Our work with SADSTIA also includes monitoring of bycatch and discards.

Training of SADSTIA Observers on a trawler in Cape Town harbour

A rare albino hake caught in a trawl

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