Fisheries Research and consulting (2017)

25 February 2015

CapMarine, working collaboratively with the
South African Deep Sea Trawling Industry (SADSTIA) has employed Melanie Smith and Victor Ngcongo to manage the SADSTIA Observer programme. Melanie continues with her research and recently updated the SADSTIA Observer data and commercial bycatch. She provides scientific support to the fishing industry including assessments of catch rates for horse mackerel, monk, kinglip and hake, based on real-time Observer data. Melanie is currently registered with the South African Council of Natural Science Professionals (SACNASP) as a certified scientist in the field of Aquatic Sciences.

CapMarine undertakes project management and contracts specialists who work collaboratively with the company. (see some attached CVs of current consultants).

Juvenile Oreo Dorie (Melanie Smith) - Fridtjhof Nansen (Feb 2011)