Marine Stewardship Council Assessments (February 2017)

25 February 2015

CapMarine is involved in several MSC assessments in the region. Dave Japp has recently completed a confidential MSC pre-assessment of Namibian hake (confidential and under review) as well as assisting with the Fishery Improvement Process (FIP) of the Mozambique Deep and shallow-Water shrimp fisheries.

The Russian Sea of Okhostk Pollock fishery is now certified(see the MSC website for details) and the third annual surveillance audit was conducted in September 2016 (auditors for Acoura are Dr A. Payne and D.W. Japp). Audits and reassessments of the Tristan da Cunha lobster fishery is currently in process (with MEP).

Dave Japp is also a P3 assessor (through Acoura) for the PNA skipjack and yellowfin purse seine fishery in the Western Pacific Ocean.

CapMarine consultant Stewart Norman has completed pre-assessments of the Mozambique linefish fishery. See the attached MSC certificates)

CapMarine consultants (Jan Wissema and Stewart Norman) also undertake trace-ability audits through Acoura. The company performance in this regard has recently been satisfactorily assessed by ASI and Acoura

Kenyan Lobster - up to five different species are targeted