Fisheries Projects (March 2017)

25 February 2015

Current activities include :

CapMarine consultants are currently working with IOTC to develop training for Port State Measures.

Jan Wissema and Stewart Norman continue to do Chain of Custody audit for RSA hake companies in South Africa and Namibia.

Dave Japp is currently supporting WWF on fisheries improvement projects (FIP) in Mozambique (deep and shallow-water shrimp). Dave is a certified Environmental Practitioner - see the attached SACNASP certificate and CV and is also currently working with the World Bank on the Kenya Coastal Development Project (KCDP), the development of a new fisheries project with the World Bank in the South West Indian Ocean (SWIOFish). Dave is also working with the International Pole and Line Federation providing support for the development of Fisheries Management Plans for the pole and line fisheries in Indonesia (AP2HI).

Dave Japp and Sarah Wilkinson are also in process of working with various environmental groups undertaking EIAs of seismic surveys and drilling for oil and gas in Namibia and South Africa.

Unidentified Ice Fish Sample (Elcimo Pool) Southern Ocean

Nile Perch - Lake Victoria (Japp - June 2013)

"Dagaa" landed in Lake Victoria (Japp - June 2013)