Environmental Monitoring of the offshore Oil & Gas Industry (March 2017)

25 February 2015

CapMarine [formerly CapFish SA (PTY) Ltd] is a Cape Town based environmental monitoring company, providing on-board and land-based support services to the Oil and Gas industry world-wide. The company has 15 years of experience in the industry (See Advert Attached)

We offer the following:
1. Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs)
2. Passive Acoustic Monitoring System (PAMs) Operators
3. Environmental Control Officers (ECOs)
4. Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLOs)
5. Fisheries Impact Assessment Reports
6. Fisheries Liaison and Co-ordination
7. Navigational Warnings and Notice to Vessels
8. Co-ordination of Observer Training and Certification to International Standards.

Please contact us directly or through our web site as indicated.Currently we have MMOs, PAM and FLO deployed for PGS on the Atlantic Explorer on the Agulhas Bank, off Angola and also collaboratively with RPS for Western Geco of Kwazulu Natal. If an interested and affected party and you wish to be on our daily mailing list for these surveys please notify us through our web site WWW.capfish.co.za

Environmental Monitoring Services for the offshore Oil & Gas Industry

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