High Seas Deployments

CapMarine with their consortium partner (MRAG) successfully bid for the renewal of the IOTC Tuna transhipment programme. Both the IOTC and ICCAT programmes have been renewed for 2015. Currently there are five international deployments in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans under these contracts between CapMarine and MRAG.

There is also currently up to four CapMarine obervers deployed in the Southern Ocean (CCAMLR) either as fisheries Observers or Document Officers (DOCs) - a requirement for Australian Flagged vessels licensed through the Australian Fisheries Management Authority. These deployments require our observers to monitor and sample under the CCAMLR conservation protocols. Deployments are taking place mostly in the Ross Sea and also in the South African EEZ around the Prince Edward Islands (two RSA- Flagged vessels).

All regional seismic surveys with CapMarine MMOs, PAM operators and FLOs have now ended. We would like to thank our clients and interested and affected parties for their cooperation and support. MMOs and PAM are deployed to mitigate impacts on marine fauna, in particular marine mammals.