David Japp

Hi there,

My name is Dave Japp and I am a Fisheries Scientist with an undergraduate degree in Zoology and Oceanography with post graduate degrees (MSc and BSc Hons) in Fisheries Science. I was born and schooled in Zambia and am currently a director at CapFish. Prior to studying, I spent 10 years as a navigator in the Merchant Navy.

My vision had always been to form a national and international fishery monitoring company that provides a dedicated professional service and consequently Capricorn Fisheries Monitoring cc (CapFish) was formed between three partners (Dave Japp, Jan Wissema and Chris Heinecken) in 1999. 

I was previously employed at the Sea Fisheries Research Institute (SFRI)  from 1988 to 1997 as a biologist and manager and at the time I left this institution, I was head of the offshore resources section (demersal and pelagic stocks). My role at SFRI (now The Department of Agriculture Forestry and  Fisheries) was primarily management, biology and resource assessment and I was responsible for the submission of management advice on hake and other demersal stocks. I was also responsible for, planned and lead demersal biomass surveys in the period I was employed at SFRI. I have retained an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the demersal and other fisheries including the trawling methods and I have authored many fisheries-related papers as well as numerous technical reports for the FAO. I have also provided many expert reports for Environmental Impact Assessments relating to fisheries and have an intimate knowledge of Southern African and global fisheries and associated recruitment processes and related environmental characteristics. I also consult to FAO and the World Bank on fisheries-related issues including high-seas guidelines, Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) and project development, appraisal and implementation in the East African and West Indian Ocean regions. Regarding the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), I was an assessor of the South African hake fishery from 2002 through to reassessment in 2009.  I am presently on the assessment teams for Tristan da Chuna lobster, Sea of Okhotsk Pollock, Namibian Hake and PNA Purse seine. I have conducted pre-assessments for Kenya lobster, Tanzanian octopus, Mozambique shrimp,  Uruguay hake, Patagonian toothfish and South Africa tuna pole (albacore) amongst others.  I am a member of the MSC peer review college and have refereed numerous MSC assessments and also supervise MSC-related Chain of Custody audits in South Africa.

Apart from the content of my work, I very much enjoy people management and I am lucky to have commited employees that work in a relaxed but professional environment.

Scientific Consultant (CapFish Director)