Melanie Smith

Hi there!

I'm Melanie Williamson nee Smith and I am from South Africa. I joined CapMarine in 2007 and am working as a Fisheries Consultant  and Observer Coordiantor for CapMarine.

I feel very fortunate to have found CapMarine as I always wanted to pursue a career in Marine Science and have the opportunity to go to sea. Apart from the content of my work, I really enjoy the diversity of different responsibilities, the work environment and my colleagues.  I find the personal growth opportunities as well as new skills that I constantly learn which furter my career very attractive . 

I initially studied Oceanography (BSc Hons) and Applied Marine Science (MSc) and these disciplines are directly related to my work, as I regularly engage with  research, scientific report writing and data analysis of the marine environment.

Within the various functions I perform, I feel that I am particularly good at time management, lecturing/supervising students and training observers because I am a people person. 

One of my career highlights was acting as the chief scientist on research cruises where I lead a group of scientists in a  offshore biodiversity surveys in Namibia.

I used to play hockey for Western Province and I enjoy playing soccer and volley ball.  I would like to complete my PhD and my dream is to own and manage a hydroponics farm.

Fisheries Consultant