Willem Louw

Goeie Dag!

My name  Willem Vern Louw and I am an Observer Coordinator at CapMarine.  I am originally from Ceres  but finished my schooling in Stellenbosch.

I joined here in 2003 and my previous work was in the fishing industry. I became an observer in 2003. It was a very interesting shift from a normal job and I spent over 400 days at sea!  Later CapMarine offered me a position as a observer coordinator which I still hold today. I also obtained a certificate in Supervisory Management and Communication and working in this type of supervisory role has always been my interest. My experience as an observer and my managerial skills enable me to add a lot of value to the company's operations.

I highly enjoy the work ethic of my helpful colleagues,  who always try to enhance people's skills on every level and I am grateful for the assistance I receive from them when I face challenges in my work.

With regard to my strengths,  I think I am particularly good at seeing things through, like starting a project (observer deployment) and seeing that it is completed successfully with all the necessary requirements fulfilled. 

In my free time I enjoy reading and I do some woodwork over weekends and on my leave days.


Director - Observer Coordinator