Capfish consultants work jointly with Fisheries and Oceanographic Support Services cc (FOSS cc) and specialise in academic, technical and practical research of commercial fisheries. Our consulting includes many other non-fisheries related interests such as interactions between fishers and hydrocarbon exploitation (including seismic surveys). Our fisheries consulting team is lead by Dave Japp, a fisheries scientist. Dave works extensively in East Africa on UN and World Bank projects related to coastal and fisheries development. In addition CapFish also undertakes Marine Stewardship Council assessments collaboratively with Moody Marine International (UK). CapFish aims also to communicate an understanding of sustainable fisheries practices and encourage Responsible Fishing. A major part of our activities is to study how environmental factors influence the availability of fisheries resources and how various threats to marine organisms, marine diversity and substrates may be avoided.

CapFish Fisheries Consultants are currently carrying out hake research on behalf of the South African Deepsea Trawling Industry Association (SADSTIA). This research is directed at issues related to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) conditions and comprises important work aimed at improving knowledge of Cape hakes. More specifically, research will advise industry on the management of Cape hakes and provide potentially useful inputs towards implementing offshore Marine Protected Areas. This work includes detailed spatial mapping using GIS to support SADSTIA and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).

FOSS cc also conducts administrative tasks for the Fishing Industry. Natalie Govender processes permits and fishing effort motivations for vessel changes along with providing advice to fishers on a broad range of other related activities. Call CapFish office if you need advice.