CapMarine has trained more than 1000 sea-going scientific observers, land based monitors, marine mammal observers, passive acoustic monitoring personnel, fisheries liason officers and fisheries inspectors. Our structured and comprehensive training programmes have been designed specifically to meet the observer requirements domestic observer programme as well as regional and international programmes (CCAMLR, ICCAT, IOTC, SEAFO and SWIOFP). The success of these programmes has led to the company being contracted by a number of other countries to provide training for their observer requirements, including Madagascar, the Seychelles, Namibia and Belize. All scientific observers selected for further employment undergo personalised in-house training, which is sector specific. Another essential component of the observer’s initial training includes an internationally recognized safety and survival-training course normally conducted at the Cape Technikon Survival Centre. There are two training phases:

First training phase

Second training phase

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